Friday, October 23, 2009

"Thank you" bags

Delanie has made her grand entrance into this world!! We are all very excited to welcome her into our family! She just couldn’t wait any long to start this journey of life and was born about 4 weeks early on Oct. 13th!! Mom and baby are doing well. Delanie is still in hospital but will hopefully be ready to go home with Mom and Dad soon! Congrats again, Hollie and Dennis!!

My wonderful sister Hollie has some great friends that threw her fabulous baby showers! These showers were very special for my sister and she wanted to do something special for these lovely ladies that threw the parties! She commissioned me to make reusable shopping bags for them. She asked that they be large and functional… the rest I was give creative freedom! These bags are all 13in x 13.5in x 4.5in.

I hope Hollie likes them and more important I hope the women that she give them to likes them as well! I know Hollie truly appreciated all that they did for her! And I do too!! I wish I lived closer so I could have attended them!

To see all 7 of the bags and more images of them check them out on my Etsy shop

Ms Delanie!

Thanks! :) Wende

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