Tuesday, June 1, 2010

**Baby Shower**

Crystal and I first met in Ms. Lammers 3rd grade class when I moved to Elkhorn in 1988. We have been best friends ever since!! I am so excited for Crystal and her husband, Nate, to welcome a baby girl to their family in August. Soo...its only fitting for me and Crystals sister, Rachel, to throw Crystal a fabulous baby shower!
So, its really not my style to just go to the store and BUY invitations! That simply wouldn't do. So I made 40 invitation by hand! They actually took a lot longer to put together than I thought they would, so my great friend, Kelly, came over and helped me. THANKS, KELLY!!!
Here is the end results:

I think they turned cute! :) I think its going to be a really fun shower. And I can't wait to meet Crystal's little girl!! I keep telling her "Wende is a good name for a girl!" :)